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NFC | Become a Sponsor

NFC | Become a Sponsor


NFC: Where the World Comes to Play
NFC is one of the oldest football clubs in Amstelveen and an Ajax partner. With more than 500 members and a network of 2500 alumni, we are growing fast and looking to bring the joy of football to as many people in Amstelveen and Amsterdam as possible.

Connecting your name to NFC as a partner is a unique opportunity! For more information, contact us @ [email protected]  and download our SPONSOR GUIDE.

Why sponsor NFC?

  • A reach of more than 1,000+ people every week
    Not only during the weekend, but also during the week, many children and adults find our complex for training. 
  • The right target audience
    80% of our members are expats. 70% of our members are youth. Our youth members attend international schools (including ISA, BSA, Amity, AICS). Many of our seniors are entrepreneurs, professionals and company executives.
  • Tax Benefits
    There are usually options to deduct sponsorship costs from company profit
  • Customized solutions
    If necessary, we can offer custom solutions, fully tailored to the wishes and objectives of the company. You can also consider using our complex for corporate events and/or communication purposes.

We offer various sponsorship options, for example:

  • Board sponsorship : You can choose for an advertising board (5 m x 0.8m) along our two main fields. Or within our canteen through pop-up banners.
  • Digital sponsorship : We have strong reach across our digital channels - put your logo on the website, in our club-wide newsletter, in special features or articles
  • Shirt sponsorship : This is an ideal way for sponsors to link the company name to a team. Shirt sponsorship is possible in all sectors of the association, seniors, youth upper and lower secondary education.
  • Events, promotions, campaigns :  Hold an event at our clubhouse to bring awareness for your brand. Run special NFC promotions to drive trial and conversion. 
  • Club sponsorship : Various sponsorship packages that can include any or all of the above and include a variety of special club partner benefits

Suitable for every budget 
We pride ourselves in creativity and working with partners to craft the perfect solution. You can become a sponsor for as little as €100. We work with you to design the right sponsorship options to meet your goals including the return for your sponsorship investment. 

Your contribution will create a meaningful impact for our community and your own business
We use sponsorship funds to invest in our football program and our community engagement. Sponsor funds have been used to help members play regardless of their financial situation. They have been used to improve our equipment and our facilities. We also reinvest a portion of our sponsor funds back into supporting our sponsors. 

We would be happy to discuss with you to put together a perfect sponsorship package.

Please contact: [email protected]
For details on our sponsorship options,
download our SPONSOR GUIDE or see our Sponsorship Options


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