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Recently the NFC board has been busy figuring out how we can improve certain matters. Collecting membership fees is something that is cumbersome and time consuming. To solve this, we will be working together with a company called 'ClubCollect”. ClubCollect has developed a system that automates several items, such as, sending payment requests. For both NFC as our members this will provide many advantages. 

What will be changed? ClubCollect is not a collection agency, but a supportive tool for NFC to ensure that the collection of membership fees will be easier. At the beginning of the season, each member will receive a payment request via e-mail, SMS and / or by mail. This will provide a link with which you can access your personal payment page. On this page you must make a payment choice: here you can choose between paying in installments and paying at once. If you choose for paying at once you have the choice between a payment via iDEAL and by direct debit. When choosing to pay in installments, the payments always are done by direct debit and a small administrative fee is charged. Prior to each debit you will receive an announcement so that you are always well informed and can ensure that there is sufficient balance on your account.

Some personal details, such as your address, e-mail address and telephone number will be shared with ClubCollect. This is necessary to be able to send the payment requests. The personal data will never be distributed or used for commercial purposes and will only be visible to the treasurer and the membership administrator. The sharing of personal data will be fully in accordance with the requirements under the Personal Data Protection Act (Article 8 under b Wbp).

We are very pleased with this step in the right direction. For more information, please visit If you have any questions about this, you can always approach George Melchers ([email protected]) or Margot Clarenbeek ([email protected]). If there are questions while working with ClubCollect, both the NFC Board and ClubCollect are always open to these.


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