Opening times canteen - NFC

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Opening times canteen

Opening times canteen

Openings times NFC canteen

Monday 15:45 hrs 18:30 hrs Yes
Tuesday 15:45 hrs 18:30 hrs Yes
Wednesday 15:45 hrs 18:30 hrs Yes
20:30 hrs 22:00 hrs No
Thursday 15:45 hrs 18:30 hrs Yes
21:00 hrs 24:00 hrs No
Friday closed
Saturday 08:00 hrs 0,5 hrs after the last match from 08:00 - 12:00 hrs
Sunday 1.5 hrs before the first match 18:00 hrs No

The canteen is closed during school holidays, winter and summer break.

Debit card ("Pin pas") payment

We request everyone (including children) to pay all bar consumptions, no matter how small, by debit card (pin pas). That is easier and safer than cash. If pin is not possible, please offer exact change. We work with a minimum amount of change in the till. Payments other than for bar consumptions (such as for NFC clothing, enrollment fee, membership fees) can only be paid by debit card (pin pas).

Smoking policy

There is a legal smoking ban in sports canteens and smoking is not allowed at NFC. This applies to the canteen, boardroom, match day secretariat, changing rooms, corridors and other rooms of the premises.

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