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NFC belongs to the older football clubs of the Netherlands and when you browse through the archives it becomes clear that there is a rich past.

Date of incorporation

Officially, NFC was founded on 15 June 1919. However, due to the second world war it was decided to record history only from the official reopening in 1943. The initiative for the re-establishment was taken on 19 November 1942 by Messrs Cees Rumenie, Carel Born
and Piet Tijsterman. The founding meeting took place in the Amstelhoek. A problem that arose was that one was not allowed to set up an association during the war years. The solution was found in the fact that a pre-war club with the name NFC had a debt to the KNVB and therefore was not crossed out the books. The fine of Fl.17.40 was paid by the new founders with the positive result that the name was taken over and nothing stood in the way of the creation of the new FC. On 14 July 1943, the first Board of the NFC association was a fact. The composition was as follows: N. W. Scharf, H. van Bentum, H. C. Koek, H. Oudhuizen, W. van Gelderen, W.Griese and C.J.Born.

Saturday department
NFC was founded as a Sunday association but shortly after the founding there was also a Saturday department with Mr. K. Jongkind as leader. The relationship between the Sunday department and the Saturday department was rather stiff at that time. By the way, it was a very adventurous time because during the war years one could not be outside during the evening clock. The inventive Board coped well with this, so that with a little adjustment evening meetings took place.

The Sports Complexes

In the year of its foundation, NFC played football on fields located at the Dam van Isseltweg where the land was made available by the Van Vegten family.
After several years of playing football there, NFC moved to the Schelpenpad where on 14-8-1949 the opening of a clubhouse took place. In 1951 the club moved permanently to the Sportlaan. NFC grew steadily and in 1951 the supporters' association was founded under the leadership of Mr. P. Westra. In the meantime, a club song had already been composed in 1943. The elderly among us know that the club has evolved over the years and was once a very large association with various departments. The main department was of course the football organization with alongside that handball, athletics, rugby, tennis, volleyball and futsal.


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